FAQ & Rules



Is renting a mobile home or tent in the camp possible?

  • We currently do not have such a service.

Is renting a room or apartment in the camp possible?

  • We currently do not have such a service.

Are pets allowed?

  • They are and are not charged.
  • See the campsite rules regarding pets.

Do you have a storage area for windsurfing equipment under lock and key and how much is it charged?

  • We have and it is free for our guests.
  • It is located right on the beach.
  • During the season’s peak, please remove the “boom” from the “rig” so more equipment can fit.

How is the accommodation price calculated?

  • All guests pay for the pitch depending on the accommodation zone (3 zones in total).
  • Electricity, water, appliances (fridges and washing machine) and internet are included in the price of the plot.
  • There is an additional charge per person and equipment (car, tent, camper, etc.).
  • Discount on the length of stay is granted on all items in the price list except for the tourist tax.
  • The tourist tax (fee) is paid for all persons over 12 years of age and it is the price that is paid on your behalf to the tourist association, so no discount is applicable.
  • The price can be checked on the interactive map of the camp (select the calendar icon located at the top right or bottom left depending on the orientation).
  • All prices are informative, but in 99.9% of cases, they are true. But mistakes can happen.

Do you have a map of the camp?

  • There is an interactive map of the camp at https://map.maestral-camping.hr.
  • Currently, the camp map is in the test version and please wait a little longer for it to load.
  • We recommend accessing the camp map via a personal computer. A special version for mobile phones and weaker computers is currently under construction.

Are all the “green” pitches on the interactive map free?

  • They didn’t.
  • Since the interactive map of the camp is in the test phase, all green pitches are not free.

Are all the “red” pitches on the interactive map occupied?

  • At the time of viewing, they are.
  • But our guests often change the dates of their stay, and then the availability of those same pitches also changes.

Are all pitches equal and can I choose any pitch?

  • All pitches are different and depending on the equipment, it is impossible to access each pitch in the same way.
  • Some pitches are more accessible for campers while others are more accessible for guests in tents.
  • That’s why we want you to contact us by email or phone so that we can offer you the best pitch at that moment.

Do you have pictures of each pitch and where they can be seen?

  • At the moment, pictures of all pitches are under construction and can be seen on the interactive map of the camp (select the photo icon at the top left).

Is there a charge for anchoring in front of the camp?

  • Anchoring in front of the camp is charged, while the trailer of your vessel is not charged and can be left at the camp.
  • Otherwise, cargo trailers are charged according to the price list, but paying for anchoring releases you from this obligation.
  • Please agree on the anchoring place and the parking place for the cargo trailer at the camp reception.



Dear guests,

it is a great honor to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay at our campsite. To maintain everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure we kindly ask you to observe the following campsite rules:


The violation of House rules may result in the cancellation of the accommodation service and eviction from the campsite.

  • Every guest must register at the reception upon arrival. An unregistered stay in the camp is prohibited.
  • The campsite can be entered between 07:00h and 23:00h.
  • Check-in is from 08:00h to 20:00h. Check-out is up to 12:00h. Late check-out is possible if other guests are not coming to your pitch. Please contact reception before late checkout.
  • Check-out and cashier opening hours are 08:00h to 20:00h. We recommend paying the bill the day before departure.
  • All received passes and keys must be returned to reception upon departure and the groceries from the refrigerator must be removed.


  • immediately report any infectious disease to the campsite management,
  • wash dishes and clothes only in designated places,
  • park your car only in designated places and on your own pitches,
  • register the marine vessel at the campsite reception,
  • park vessel trailers in the designated parking lot marked on the campsite map. Trailers left outside of the designated trailer parking lot will be removed,
  • connect to the electrical network only in designated places,
  • respect the quiet hours from 23:00h to 07:00h; vehicles are not allowed to enter the campsite from 23:00h to 07:00h and driving motor vehicles inside the campsite and creating unnecessary noise is prohibited,
  • sort through your waste and dispose of it properly in designated places,
  • take care of your belongings: The management of the campsite is not responsible for any lost or damaged property belonging to the guests nor for accidents or injuries caused by the negligence of guests inside the campsite.


  • for children to enter the toilet facilities unaccompanied by adults,
  • entering the restrooms wet from the beach and leaving the showers wet (please use towels),
  • to use irons, hot plates, and other appliances without constant supervision,
  • to put up fences around campers/caravans or tents, and to destroy the campsite’s premises,
  • gliding a motor vessel at less than 300m from the coast,
  • to drive vehicles around the campsite at a speed greater than 15 km/h; drive electric scooters with extreme caution around pedestrians and other vehicles,
  • to demolish any movable and immovable property of the Maestral Camping; the campsite management reserves the right to charge for damaged property and to permanently prohibit the perpetrators from entering the campsite,
  • to damage vegetation (our plants grow patiently to enhance your camping experience, do not tear branches off the trees and pick flowers)
  • to park the vehicle outside the marked lines.


  • In the campsite area, including its food service establishments, pets must be kept on a leash.
  • Pets are allowed and free of charge.
  • Please note that not all guests have pets.
  • In case of any damage, the owner will be liable for damages.
  • Please always pick up after your pet.
  • It is forbidden to wash pets in the indoor showers intended for people.


  • Guests must announce that they will have a vessel (boat, speedboat, inflatable boat, Jet ski, etc.) when making a reservation.
  • Guests must report a marine vessel when checking in at the reception desk. The price list can be checked on the campsite website.
  • Anchoring is possible only in the designated places in front of the camp. At the reception you will receive information on where your vessel can be. If another vessel anchors at your intended spot, please report to the reception.


  • The vehicle should be parked on your plot or in the designated places inside the camp.
  • Parking in another lot is exceptionally possible with the permission of the camp staff.
  • Parking in front of the camp is only allowed for a short period so as not to disturb other guests if you arrive outside the quiet hours of the camp.
  • Parking in front of the camp will be charged according to the price list.


Our beaches are equipped with free umbrellas, sun chairs, and showers. To maintain everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure we would ask you to observe the following beach rules:

  • Sun chairs and umbrellas cannot be reserved.
  • Sun chairs and umbrellas must not be removed from the beach nor taken into the sea.
  • Be considerate of others – do not occupy a larger number of sun chairs than you actually need.
  • You may only use the sun chairs and umbrellas while you are at the beach.
  • When leaving the beach, you must take with you all the things you have placed on the sun chairs otherwise they will be removed by the campsite staff and/or a campsite guest if no other sun chairs are available.

Compliance with these rules prevents conflicts and tension between guests. Violation of public order and peace is punishable by law.

Thank you for your understanding!

Maestral Camping wishes you a pleasant stay!